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Slide The First Social App For Social Impact The first social app for social impact We are tired of seeing good social causes take a backseat. So we are here to solve 2 of their biggest struggles. Underfunding & Partnership.

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The Backstage App Financial Support
The Backstage App Volunteer Support

Built to empower social causes

Convert Your Audience To Supporters
Convert Your audience to supporters

Most of your online & offline community are willing to support you. By bringing your audience to The Backstage app, can automate receiving monthly pledges from them!

Freedom To Plan Ahead
Freedom to plan ahead

Plan your works ahead confidently as you grow your pool of committed supporters for monthly pledges

Break Out Of Your Community!
Break out of your community!

Collab with influencers in-app to reach new crowd & gain new supporters.

Increase Satisfaction Of Supporters
Increase satisfaction of supporters

Supporters want to feel involved in your mission, share content exclusive for them in your page!

Give Transparency & Take Credibility
Give transparency & take credibility

Gaining access to behind-the-scenes builds the trust of the supporters as they witness the impact of their financial support

Front Seat For Supporters
Front seat for supporters

Your supporters will know your current & future milestones through the calendar feature.


  • Bridge your community to the app (from mailing list, social media and networks..)
  • Set a monthly pledge amount for your supporters 
  • Share your photos, videos or go live to show behind the scenes or progress of your cause
  • Add events/milestones on the calendar feature.
  • Retain the financial commitment of your supporters EVERY MONTH
  • Use pledge from supporters to fund/improve your cause 
  • Collaborate with Influencers in-app!

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