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Open-Sourcing & Empowering the Good Economy

We help Non-Profit Organizations & Influencers to earn passive income by giving out monthly backstage passes to their social channel. Nonprofits can adopt open-source approach in our platforms to increase public trust & collaborate with Influencers for maximum social impact

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Our Why

Decentralize Capital & Opportunity

Most of the good economy is absorbed by big tech & big NPOs. We want to give a fair opportunity for the public to directly support under-represented Creators & small but impactful NPOs

Donors to Investors

In 2020 Americans donated a total of $471.4bn, a staggering 6x more than Venture Capitals raised ($74.5bn) We believe if donors treat giving like investing, by following how the money is spent, measuring the impact & being involved, we can witness bigger returns in society for our giving.

Making Philanthropy a Lifestyle

We think creativity, influence & philanthropy is a deadly combo, in a good way! Bringing like minded people & people centric industries can blow the public’s social responsibility off the roof!

How We Help You

  • Manage Burnout
  • Increase Monetization
  • Open Source Influenced



40% of fundraisers raised $0.

90% of creators experience burnout.

$65 was the average fundraising amount.

71% have considered quitting.



52% of millennials prefer to give monthly. Leverage this trend.

80% of new businesses use subscription services. You too, should.

Monthly giving increases inflow to NPOs by 40%.

54% of Creators want to go full-time but they can't.

23% growth for monthly giving vs 13% growth for a one-time donation. Swim with the tides.

Higher LTV in subscription sales vs. one-time merchandise or affiliate sales.



58% of the public do not think NPOs communicate well about their activities.

Fans want to be part of your inner circle. You can build a connection with your most trusted fans.

Elon Musk publicly stated on Twitter that he will fund the WFP$6bn if they can give an open-source solution for world hunger.

Fans want to be part of your creative cycle. It is easier to test your ideas in a safe space before supportive fans.

At least 50% of the public would like NPOs to operate more like businesses, particularly in their relationship with their members.

73% of fans would pay where they are guaranteed total transparency. Live your truth.

Coming Together for Maximum Impact

87% of the public would love to see more collaboration between NPOs and brands. So we are making it easier for Influencers to support social impact causes & mobilize their community to do the same! Keep track of your favourite Influencer's Giving Footprint on their profile page! It will be visible on all user's profile too!

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